Download all your data

Whether you're migrating away from Fastmail or you'd like to make your own backup of your data, you can download all your information.

Download your mail

You can download your mailbox contents from us into a desktop mail client, following the standard setup instructions. From there, your client can export the data to somewhere on disk in a format of your choice.

Some extra configuration to check:

Download your contacts

Follow our guide to export your contacts.

Download your calendars

Follow our guide to export your calendars.

Download your notes

The fastest and most reliable way to download your notes is to select each one and manually copy and paste their contents into your favourite desktop text editor.

Download your files

You can download your files stored on Fastmail to your computer, either one at a time, or all at once in a compressed ZIP folder.

Go to Files. You can click on a checkbox next to each file you wish to download, or click the "select all" checkbox to download all your files.

We have more information on Files in our help page.

Download your payment history

To download your past invoices, click on the View payment history and printable invoices link on the Settings → Billing & Plan screen. There will be a link to download all previous invoices.

Download your login history

You can download your login history from the last four weeks as a CSV file.

Go to Settings → Password & Security and scroll down to the bottom to find a link to view all logins in the last four weeks. Click to view the log, and there will be a link to download the data in CSV format.

Delete your data

You can delete all your data by closing your account.