Manage users in an account

An account administrator is the only one who can add, change or remove users from an account. This is done from the Settings → Users & Aliases screen.

To unlock the screen, enter your password.

Add user

From the users screen, click New User in the toolbar at the top, then fill in the fields:

You can also change the other fields from their defaults if you like. When you're done, click Purchase, in the toolbar at the top, to create the user. You will be billed for the cost of the user, pro-rated to the end of your current subscription.

Edit user(s)

From the user list, select one or more users, and click Edit.

If a single user is selected, you can update all fields and manage quota.

If multiple users are selected, you can update the following values on all selected users simultaneously: disable access, set quota, set privacy, set admin privileges or set retention policy.

The fields are:

Remove user(s)

From the user list, select one or more users, and click on Delete in the toolbar at the top. Confirm the delete when prompted.

This process is irrevocable. It will remove all mail, contacts and calendars for the deleted user(s). Any shared folders or shared calendars owned by this user will be removed from their shared locations.

The account will be given a pro-rated credit to the end of the subscription for the deleted user(s).

It's not possible to delete yourself. If you're trying to delete the entire account, go to the screen and use the Close Account section at the bottom. This will delete the account itself once you have deleted all users in the account first.

Adding extra email storage quota

Don't have enough email storage? You can add extra storage to yourself. Account administrators can add extra email storage to the users in their account.

For a single user account, it may be cheaper to increase your plan level (and gain the additional features along with the extra quota).

To add email storage, go to Settings → Users & Aliases, select which user you'd like to add or remove extra email storage. Storage space comes in a multiple of the original plan allocation, up to a maximum of 300 GB. Each time you add email storage, you're adding the equivalent cost of an additional user to your account.

Note Setting quota on multiple users doesn't just add quota. It initially sets all selected users to the same storage amount: the storage amount of the largest user in the account. From there you can change the storage amount.

Don't forget to Save changes. All storage changes will be billed or credited (pro-rated to the end of your current subscription) once saved.

Managing user access

Account administrators can manage the access their users have to their account.