Email client connection issues

First of all, try going to our homepage at with your browser. If you can't load this page, there may be some internet congestion between you and Fastmail, or your ISP may be having temporary routing or proxy server problems.

Fastmail uses pingdom to monitor our core services. Our pingdom report will show if there's any current or recent outage. If pingdom is reporting that our services are up, then the problem is most likely a network issue related to your location and/or ISP rather than a Fastmail problem.

If there are any service problems, we will post to our status dashboard with details and updates as we have them.

If neither pingdom nor the status blog show any issues, you may have a routing problem between your device and our server.

To check if Fastmail is generally down, or if it's just your computer, you can check our status on DownForEveryoneOrJustMe. This verifies whether Fastmail is available from elsewhere on the internet.

If you'd like to check where the problem is, between your computer and our server, you can try this from the command line:

At the point where congestion occurs, you will see one or more *s. It is out of our control unless this point is the very last hop, to Fastmail. If the traceroute does not show all *s in the last line, the following commands may also yield useful information:

If you are contacting our support team about a problem with connectivity, it would be helpful if you could include the full results of all of these commands. To copy the output under Windows, drag your mouse over the output while holding down the button, and then press the Enter key to copy it. In an email, press Ctrl-V to paste it. It would also be useful if you could let us know whether you are behind a firewall, whether you are at work, whether you are using a modem or cable modem or ADSL, and any other information about your set up.