About Fastmail Notes support

Store Notes in your Fastmail account so they're available any time you access your email. They will also sync to your Apple device (iPhone, iPad) in the native Notes app for easy access. Check our guide for help setting up sync support.

While there is no native support for notes in Android or third party email applications, you can add it via plugins or additional apps.

Warning: The new Notes features are available to OS X 10.11/iOS 9 users only if you are using Apple's upgraded Notes with iCloud support. These extra features are not available if you are using IMAP based Notes through Fastmail.

If you don't need the new features, then we recommend you do not upgrade Notes support: once upgraded, you can't go back. Once a note goes onto iCloud, Fastmail will no longer be able to synchronise with it.


Never lose a 'note to self' again! Too often we dash off a quick email to ourselves so we don't forget something... and then lose the email in the inbox pile. Write up a quick note instead and it'll be saved carefully to one side.

You can pin a note, which can be used to mark important items so that they always stay at the top of the list.

Notes can be written in rich text, adding highlighting, colours and lists.

Notes can even contain images.


If you include an image in your note, it will sync to Fastmail and display correctly but you will no longer be able to edit the note via the browser. This is an Apple-only feature.

Attempting to store regular email in the Notes folder does not magically turn them into notes: they will not sync or show up as notes in the Notes view.

Users who had regular email stored in a Notes folder prior to Fastmail enabling IMAP Notes support will find their mail has been moved to a new MailNotes folder, to keep the official Notes folder just for notes.

If you move or rename your Notes folder via an external mail client, Fastmail will no longer be able to sync your notes to your device and the Notes view will be empty on the web interface.