Migrate from a legacy plan

If you're on one of our legacy plans and you'd like to take advantage of the features of our current plans, you may need to prepare your account to migrate.

Personal accounts

Migration is easy! Go to and select the plan you'd like to move to. If your new plan has less storage than you're currently using, we'll automatically add on the necessary extra quota; it may be cheaper to choose a higher plan.

Business/Family accounts

1. Migrate data

The new plans don't have a 'masteruser' any more. So any private data currently owned by the masteruser must be moved off to one or more regular users before you change plans.

We suggest changing the ownership to a user who has admin privileges. Alternatively, you can make a new user account dedicated for holding the current masteruser information.

To migrate the information via our web interface:

2. Consider quota usage

All users within an account on the new pricing must belong to the same plan: you can no longer mix and match Basic and Professional level users within a single account.

Check the mail storage usage for each user in your account and make sure they're within the quota allowed for the plan you want to move to. The process of moving to a current plan will automatically adjust the quota costs if a user requires more quota than the default the plan provides.

Each user can see their quota usage at the base of the folder list in the web interface. Admin users can see the mail and file usage for all users on the Settings → Users & Aliases screen.