Setting up your Namecheap domain with Fastmail's nameservers

Setting your nameservers to work with Fastmail is an easy way to make sure your domain has all the correct DNS entries and your mail will work correctly.

This is the best option if you do not have a website for your domain hosted with another service, or you would like to host both your mail and a website with Fastmail.

We provide a control panel for full customisation of your DNS records should you need it. Our nameservers are fast, reliable and secure. Our web interface for managing DNS is simple, but still powerful enough to allow any number of records of any type.

There's just two simple steps to set up your domain:

  1. Add your domain
  2. Edit your nameservers in Namecheap.

Optional configuration

1. Add your domain

1. Go to the Settings → Domains screen.

2. Add your domain(s) (e.g. Using the "Add Domain" button brings up the new domain screen. Type your domain into the text box.

2. Edit your nameservers at Namecheap

Note: We recommend making these changes at a time that you do not expect much traffic for your website or mail.

1. Log in to your account at Namecheap. 2. Find the domain you would like to use with Fastmail, and click "Manage".

3. In "Nameservers", change the drop down menu to "Custom DNS".

4. Add two nameservers for your domain. You want to make sure there are only two values, and that the two values are:

Then click the green tick to save the changes.

When you are finished, your nameservers should look like this:

5. To check that the settings have been updated correctly, log in to your Fastmail account and go to the Settings → Domains screen. Click "Recheck DNS". Your domain should now say Active. Nameservers set.

For advanced domain options when using Fastmail's nameserver records, please see our page here.