Attachments: from computer, files and Dropbox

When sending an email using Fastmail on a web browser, there are three locations you can access files:

  1. Your computer or device.
  2. Your Fastmail file storage.
  3. Your Dropbox account.

Upload from Computer

Selecting to upload an attachment from your computer will open the computer's file chooser. This works whether you are on a desktop computer or accessing Fastmail over a mobile device's browser.

Fastmail supports uploading multiple files to your email draft if you select more than one file in the file chooser.

Attach from File Storage

Choose one or more files from your file storage to attach to your email. Select the files you'd like to include in your email, then use the "Attach files" button.

Attach from Dropbox

When you go to add files from Dropbox, you will first need to log in to your Dropbox account (if you're not already logged in), then confirm that you want to link Fastmail to your Dropbox account. Dropbox provides information on what happens when you link to a Dropbox account.

You can revoke access from Fastmail to Dropbox at any time.

Once linked, you can browse the files in your Dropbox storage. Select the ones to include, then use the "Attach files" button.

Removing attachments

To remove an attachment from a draft email, use the cross icon next to the filename to delete the attachment from the email.

To remove an attachment from a received email, select the checkbox for the attachment to remove. This brings up a popup context menu. From here you can

If you delete an attachment from a received email, Fastmail will show that there were attachments that have been removed.